Trans-border, Migration
and Gender Studies:
Reshaping the Well-Being
beyond Cultural Conflict
in East Eurasia

  • “Central Asia and Southeast Asia – Exploring the Dynamics of Greater Engagement” (December 19, 2022)

  • EES/UBRJ Seminar for Survival Strategic Research "Ukrainian Refugees and Gender Problems in Poland" (October 25, 2022)



The Slavic Eurasian Research Centre at Hokkaido University will be conducting research on “East Eurasian Studies,” which is one of the four sub-research projects funded and promoted by the “NIHU Area Studies” network-based research project by the National Institutes for the Humanities (NIHU). The other three sub-research projects include “Global Mediterranean Studies,” “Indian Ocean Rim Studies,” and “Asia and Oceania Maritime Studies.”


The unit at the Slavic Eurasian Research Centre (SRC) will promote and conduct education and study programmes in cooperation with the Hokkaido Summer Institute as well as Japanese and international institutions, to foster young scholars (undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate). In 2022, the unit co-hosted the “Public Policy and Governance in the Age of Globalization” (main instructor: Dr. Naomi Chi, Graduate School of Public Policy) course as part of the Hokkaido Summer Institute. The aim of the course was to examine international public policy issues from a “glocal (global+local)” perspective, including migration, gender, (securitization of) borders and security. Moreover, in terms of social impact and contribution, the unit will continue to co-host the “Seminars on Co-Creation of New Values” with the SRC, as well as promote various projects with local communities at the border regions.

Public Policy and Governance in the Age of Globalization
(in cooperation Hokkaido Summer Institute), June 2022


“East Eurasian Studies”
Slavic Eurasian Research Centre, Hokkaido University

Kita-9, Nishi-7, Kita-ku, Sapporo, 060-0809 JAPAN