Seminar “Placing War in Ukraine: Comparisons and Vantage Points,” February 2, 2023


The 251st Nichibunken Evening Seminar

Theme: “Placing War in Ukraine: Comparisons Theme: tage Points” 

Date: February 2, 2023

Time: 16:30~18:00 (JST)

Place: Seminar Room 1, International Research Center for Japanese Studies and ONLINE (Zoom)


“Comparative and Historical Perspectives on the War between Ukraine and Russia”(David WOLFF)
  In this lecture, we will examine the history of the conflict in the 20th century, leading up to the present war. We will also look at the regional context and farther afield to make explanatory comparisons.

“U.S. Responses to the Russia-Ukraine War: Post-Cold War History, Debates, and Evaluations”(IZUMIKAWA Yasuhiro)
  This presentation provides the short history of U.S. policy toward NATO and Russia since the end of the Cold War, analyzes the ongoing debate on NATO expansion and Russia, and evaluates the Biden administration’s dealing with Ukraine and Russia. It also discusses the implications of the ongoing war for East Asia and Japan.