Slavic-Eurasian Research Center 2023 Winter International Symposium ” Borders, Boundaries and War across Eurasia: Cycles of Violence and Resilience” , December 7-8


We are pleased to announce the 2023 Winter International Symposium of the Slavic Eurasian Studies Center at Hokkaido University, December 7-8 in collaboration with our project “Eeastern Eurasian Studies” of the National Institutes for the Humanities. The title of the symposium is Borders, Boundaries and War across Eurasia: Cycles of Violence and Resilience. Please find the tentative program below. We look forward to your participation.

Please click here to download the tentative program. here

SRC Winter Symposium 2023: Borders, Boundaries and War across Eurasia: Cycles of Violence and Resilience (Preliminary version)

                                           Dec. 7 & 8, 2023

Day 1 Borderlands, Gender and Migration

9:30-9:40 Opening Remarks

9:40-11:30 Panel 1: Neighbor’s Eyes on the Ukrainian War

Chair and Commentator: Yoko Aoshima (SRC)


Akihiro Iwashita (SRC)

“Japan’s Geo-politics under the Russia’s War in Ukraine”

Joni Virkkunen and Minna Piipponen (University of Eastern Finland, Finland)

“Limits of Para-diplomacy: Multi-layered Geopolitics of Finland’s Eastern Border”

Noboru Miyawaki (Ritsumeikan University)

(Paper title TBA)


11:40-12:40 Keynote Lecture: Another Brick in the Wall: B/Ordering through Othering in a World in Turmoil

Chair: Edward Boyle (International Research Center for Japanese Studies)

Presenter: Elisabeth Vallet (University of Quebec, Canada)


Lunch Break (Bento Box)


14:00-14:50 Panel 2: War and Feminists

Chair: Mie Nakachi (Hokusei Gakuen University)


Oksana Kis (Institute of Ethnology, Ukraine)

(Paper title TBA)

Ella Rossman (University College London, UK)

“Russian Feminism in the Last Decade: From Art-Activism and Civic Education to the Anti-War Movement”


Paula Michaels (Monash University, Australia)

Ikuno Ochi (Tohoku University)


           Coffee Break


16:10-18:00 Panel 3: Anti-War Protests and the New Waves of Migration and LGBTQ

Chair: Norio Horie (University of Toyama)


Irina Meyer-Olimpieva (George Washington University, US)

(Paper title TBA)

Alexander Sasha Kondakov (University College Dublin, Ireland)

“Russia’s Sexual Sovereignty” (tentative)


Mayu Michigami (Niigata University)

Hyunjoo Naomi Chi (Hokkaido University)


18:30      Reception



Day 2 Cold War History in Northeast Asia


13:00-15:00 Panel 5: Re-discovering Japan as Actor

Chair: Yasuhiro Izumikawa (Aoyama Gakuin University)


Ayako Kusunoki (International Research Center for Japanese Studies)

(Paper title TBA)

Amy King (Australia National University)

“Reinterpreting the Past and Rebuilding the New: Constructing Unofficial Cold War Sino-Japanese Relations”

Masaya Inoue (Keio University)

“Negotiations on the Japan-China Aviation Agreement and LDP Politics, 1973-4”

Commentator: James Hershberg (George Washington University)


           Coffee Break


15:20-17:20 Panel 4: Critical Junctures across the Region: Taiwan, Mongolia, Korea

Chair: Lee Jong Won (Waseda University)


David Wolff (SRC)

“Stalin and Taiwan: 1944-1953”

Batbayar Tsedendamba (Institute of History and Ethnology, Mongolia / SRC)

“Mongolia’s struggle to join the United Nations: Great Power Rivalry and Mongolia’s

Aspirations (1946-1961)”

Yasuhiro Izumikawa (Aoyama Gakuin University)

“South Korea’s Nordpolitik and Japan: Diplomatic Dynamics in Northeast Asia at the End of the Cold War”

Commentator: Sergey Radchenko (Johns Hopkins University, Bologna)


17:20-18:00 Wrap-up Discussion