Session 1. Slavic-Eurasian Studies in War and Peace: Achievements and Prospects

Moderator: Hakyung Jung

David Wolff The New Map of Ukraine and its Effect on Slavic-Eurasian Studies

Eunji Song An Overview of Curriculum in the Russian Humanities Program at the Major Korean Universities and a Brief Prospect for the Post-war Period

Daisuke Adachi Slavic Literature and Culture Studies in Japan and SRC after Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Youkyoung Hwang Vladimir Mayakovsky and War


Session 2. The Russo-Ukrainian War: Perspectives from the Humanities and Social Sciences

Moderator: Akihiro Iwashita

Jong Hyeon Lee The Poetics of Enmity: Reading “ПоэZия русского лета” (2023)

Mirlan Bektursun The Russo-Ukrainian War: Has the War Changed Something in Russian and Central Asian Asymmetrical Relations?

Sun Yung Park The Fate of Russian Artists after the Russo-Ukrainian War: On the So-called “Culture Steamer (kul’turnyj parokhod)”

Toru Nagashima Transformation of Russia’s Citizenship Policy in the Context of the Russo-Ukrainian War